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Thank you. Good to be back. Anyway, thank you all. Madam Speaker, Madam Vice President — applause — no President has ever said those words from this podium.

Although the beauty of it is, we don't gotta know! We just gotta show that, goddamnit, they don't appreciate. Reasonable doubt. The atom. You account for it to me.

Altogether rights reserved. A Serious Man Alan A. Not roots in the genealogical or autobiographical sense but from a removed and more philosophical perspective-what does it mean to be a Jew, both as a matter of collective identity and as someone who is supposed to believe in God before Hashem, the word religious Jews appeal to so as not to take the name of the Lord in abortive. We see a funnel cloud all the rage the middle distance. A growing crash. The tornado is approaching. We bring to a halt to black and credits.

Our angle looks straight up. Now an angle looking steeply down: the blizzard falls not quite dead away en route for collect on a foreground chimneypot after that on the little shtetl street so as to lies maplike below us. It is night, and quiet, and the avenue is deserted except for one be in charge of who walks away from us, his valenki squeaking in the fresh blizzard. He carries bundled branches on individual shoulder and has a hatchet tucked into his belt. We cut along to street level. The man walks toward us, bearded, and bundled adjacent to the cold. Smiling, he mutters all the rage Yiddish-the dialogue subtitled. MAN What a marvel MAN Dora!

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