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Finally got our circulating pump back for the ponds. Little late. The worms are back with a vengeance. Thing is, we were trying to be proactive and put down an inhibitor before they got bad.

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Hyundai says goodbye to the combustion apparatus and fuel cell vehicles! We accept off on the Netflix blockbuster Don't Look Up and what it agency to the phenomenon of climate abjuration. A popular YouTuber proves electric aviation will take off fast. Brian makes a shocking announcement! James's Nissan Folio in a s Celsius cold bark. He has to make sure he keeps using the vehicle or the battery over-charges. As an experiment he leaves the electric vehicle unplugged all the rage his driveway for 24 hours en route for see how much the battery drains heating itself. James also finds a Hyundai Ioniq 5 in his birthplace and goes to have a air to see how big it actually is.

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