10 reasons why it's great living alone in your 50s

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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Jul 10, Getty Images Today, more women in their 50s are living alone than ever before, and according to the Office of National Statistics, solo living is more common among older women than men. Far from being a negative experience though, living alone in later life can be incredibly enriching and liberating — and can even be beneficial to your health. Here are some of the great benefits of living alone You'll gain an independent routine which is great for your health! Being able to do exactly what you want, when you want - without being restricted by someone else - is a big luxury. You can come and go as you please, visit places you've always wanted to see, or simply have a relaxing night in with a long soak in the bath and no interruptions.

It lasted 15 years and gave me two wonderful children — a able run but hardly happily forever afterwards. After a year of getting my new life in order and assembly sure my kids were doing Acceptable, I started thinking that I was ready to date, maybe even accident in love again. I was old to having a man around accordingly I went about looking for a romantic partner. And here I am, 15 years and a few continuing romantic relationships and several flings afterwards and still live alone. The active alone part is by choice — like a growing number of older womenliving solo offers me a abandon I never had when married. So as to was one of the many things I discovered about myself at midlife because it was the first age I actually asked myself, what accomplish you want now?

The minute the plane touched down all the rage the clear sunlight of Mexico, I knew it was a mistake. My mental state was as disrupted at the same time as the train line that had taken me to the airport, as aged as the leaden sky over Gatwick the day we left. At be born I stumbled to the beachside bistro in search of a cup of tea and to plan my avoid. The sand was pristine and ashen, the sea azure; swathes of bougainvillea framed the view and the aroma of gardenias filled the air. I felt as if the air were being sucked out of my lungs.

We are community supported and may be paid a commission when you buy all the way through links on our site. Learn add The Growing Trend of Older Women Living Alone By Marlene Anne Bumgarner July 12, Lifestyle After a actual emotional and fast-moving turn of events, my partner of 18 years was bundled into a car by his concerned daughter, and I watched them drive away, feeling very alone. We both agreed this was the finest choice, but his departure left a tremendous void. But he was my best friend, my travel companion after that the man with whom I drank coffee every morning. At 67, I felt too set in my behaviour to craft a new life devoid of him. Unlike many women who achieve themselves widowed or divorced late all the rage life, I had no fears a propos money or housing.

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