The Benefits of Being Open-Minded

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Find parenting tips to help nurture and encourage creativity in your kids! Cleo, a 4-year-old preschool child, excitedly told her Mom, At times, parents and adults nurture children's imaginations and take joy in their creative thoughts and acts. Other times, we might deliberately or unknowingly stifle children's imaginations, perhaps concerned that children don't understand what's real. Most children older than three, however, know that purple cows don't really exist but enjoy opportunities to imagine and think creatively. Allowing children to use their imagination is helpful and there are many benefits of pretend play in child development.

Signs that children might be gifted after that talented Advanced development is one of the signs that your child capacity be gifted. For example, some academically gifted children teach themselves to announce at a young age, like 3 years old. Some physically advanced children might excel early in junior aerobics instruction or physical activities. Another sign is that your child might prefer en route for talk with older children or adults. For example, your 4-year-old might associate better to 6-year-olds than to children their own age. Gifted and able children also learn differently from erstwhile children.

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