The Importance of Play: How Kids Learn by Having Fun

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Young children love to play together, but with the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID pandemic, playdates with friends and games with large groups are sadly not safe ideas. Physical distancing is a responsible way to protect ourselves and others, but for little ones learning about the world around them and connecting with their peers through play, it can be especially challenging. We teamed up with our friends at the LEGO Foundation to come up with some creative ways to enjoy playful moments with your child and expand her world when physical space is limited. All you need to play this game is your hands and a sweet voice. As your baby gets older, she will start playing back with you. See and say Point to different things around the house while naming and describing them.

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As through peekaboo, patty-cake, and playing abode, children learn to think creatively after that interact socially. Through play, they acquire physically and discover a slew of emotional skills, and they learn how to process the world. But can you repeat that? are the benefits of play after that what type of engagement, toys, after that activities do children really need? We asked some experts to weigh all the rage. While the benefits of play are innumerable — play helps children acquire cognitively , physically, socially, and expressively — there is more to act than fun and games. But how do children learn through play? Act allows children the chance to copy what they see and practice skills. It gives them an outlet designed for creativity and experimentation, and play helps them learn how to interact after that communicate with others. Play promotes beneficial development and critical thinking skills.

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