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You don't have to date a guy for six months to get the lowdown on who he really is. With the right clues, you can size him up in 10 minutes. To help you decode a guy you've just started seeing, Cosmo called on a team of experts to tell you how to assess his actions and tap into his boyfriend potential, pronto. Men who are fans of mainstream team sports, like football, basketball, and baseball, 2 tend to be competitive — on the field and in all aspects of their life — and they like to hang with their entourage. As for the guy who's just not into sports at all, 3 he's an independent thinker, usually on the sensitive side. How Long He's Been Hanging with His Friends A guy who has been friends with the same posse since he was 10 years old can certainly claim 4 loyalty as one of his strong suits. But you better like what you see, because he's probably not great with change, says dating coach Liz H. Kelly, author of Smart Man Hunting. Credit vs.

Above the past few years it seems that almost every dating dilemma I hear from my coaching clients after that girlfriends has something to do along with texting. These women are all dating after 40…some in their 60s after that 70s. He sent her pictures of the baseball game he attended. He told her about his crappy calendar day at work. Then they had a coffee date. It went well. The texting went on.

Ascertain the honest, non-sleazy way to appeal to high quality partners. Getting the accuracy straight up makes us uncomfortable. It can be painful. It forces us to see parts of ourselves so as to need to be improved or changed completely. Harsh realities made me cynical and stuck in denial. But absorbed down, I struggled so much as I knew they were true. Amount of my job as dating drill is to occasionally dole out a few of these harsh truths.

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