100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

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Doll box filled with fun and anodyne cat toys Brush daily with a treat afterwards Window seat Lots of love and cuddling Just a few…Bobbie 7. Boxes and Containers This is one way I make my cats happy. They always like to it in boxes and containers. I accept them on sale and every at once and again, put them out all the rage the living room so cats acquire their own. Sometimes I toss a small amount plastic eggs from Easter time addicted to them to play with. Long after that short hair cats often have inflame ears, and most of the age it is NOT allergies, ear mites, fleas, or mosquitoes. Most of the time, the cat rolls in the bedding and gets hair in her ears. After they wake up, they usually want their ears brushed bad. We brush, or rub down the ear with a damp cloth diminutive rag towels are nice.

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