'I'm surrounded by people - but I feel so lonely'

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Feeling lonely doesn't only happen when you're alone. In fact, some people enjoy time to themselves. Loneliness is a normal, human experience. But when left unchecked, it can be bad for your emotional and physical health. Some studies have found that loneliness is just as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Here are 10 things you can do right away when you feel lonely. Everyone feels lonely sometimes. Studies have found that labeling your feelings can reduce the intensity of them. Sometimes you need to solve a problem.

Ago to Feelings and symptoms. Most ancestor feel lonely sometimes, for many altered reasons. If loneliness is affecting your life, there are things you be able to try that may help. Support is also available if you're finding it hard to cope with stress, angst or depression.

You might be in a long-term affiliation or even in a family along with many siblings. You might live all the rage a shared house with friends after that still feel alone. Loneliness is a negative state in which you air discomfort or social pain. You can feel alone, empty , or maybe even unwanted. This article will application on feelings of loneliness despite body in a romantic relationship. In these cases, feeling lonely might seem en route for make no sense, especially if you feel alone as you sit by the dinner table next to your significant other. So, let's look by why some people may feel abandoned while in a relationship and tips for dealing with that feeling. According to recent research, loneliness is a public health problem.

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