Anyone Who's Been To College Can Relate To These 11 Moments In The Sex Lives Of College Girls

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The Sex Lives of College Girls which just got renewed for a second seasontakes us into the world of the fictional, elite Essex College. And yes, it gets awkward. A lot. That is, until they unceremoniously friend-dump her on the first day of college, blindsiding Leighton in the process. As we'll come to find out, Leighton's friends have a pretty understandable reason for dumping her. Still, who hasn't been suddenly and passive-aggressively friend-dumped? In the first episode of Season 1, Kimberly Pauline Chalamet makes serious eye contact with him as he runs past her. Suffice it to say, a serious crush develops, which may or may not be reciprocated. In Episode 8, The Surprise Party, Kimberly finds out that after multiple sexy but secret encounters with Nico — surprise!

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