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Mountain lion, puma, cougar, panther—this cat is known by more names than just about any other mammal! Mostly because it has such a large range, and people from different countries have called it different things. Early Spanish explorers of North and South America called it leon lion and gato monte cat of the mountainfrom which we get the name mountain lion. All of these names are considered correct, but in Southern California they are commonly called mountain lions. You may have heard of the Florida panther. It is endangered, with only about 50 cats left, and conservation efforts are underway to try to save it. Mountain lions are generally a solid tawny color, with slightly darker hair on the back and a whitish underside. Those living in warm, humid areas tend to be a darker, reddish brown color, and mountain lions found in colder climates have thicker, longer hair that is almost silver-gray in color. Adult males weigh 40 to 60 percent more than adult females.

Mirrored walls Ballet Bar Primary use is fitness programming and sport club custom. Primary use is fitness programming after that sport club use. Secondary use is open recreation exercising, dance practices, alliance or classroom space and martial arts events. Used by Athletic Swimming after that Diving for practices and meets. Accessible for outside swim and dive meets depending on availability. New exercise stations challenge users and create the basic environment for intense outdoor training. Altered stations are available around the chase to take upper-body, core and bring down workouts to the next level. These units incorporate a strong social cog to promote community-building as well at the same time as fitness. Racquetball 6 and Squash 2 Courts Seating for 80 people accessible between the tournament racquetball courts.

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