Literary Journal Issue#5 2011 - Cranbrook School

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At the same time as a visionary artist ManWoman embarked arrange a path of spiritual transformation. ManWoman was a nonconformist reflecting in an existential means to critique pedagogy after that social binaries. These concepts are woven throughout the substantial artistic career after that life of ManWoman. He had a typical, uneventful life growing up all the rage the forties and fifties; he finally developed a love of cars, at the same time as did many of his peers. The car was raised up on blocks when he heard a disembodied ability to speak warning him to get out as of underneath the auto. He quickly moved out from under the car a minute ago as it came crashing down, he narrowly escaped a spring piercing his chest. If he had not listened to the voice he would allow been killed. From that moment accelerate, he declared himself as Gods actor.

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