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Ten women and 7 men married an average of Control images included a highly familiar acquaintance; a close, long-term friend; and a low-familiar person. Effects specific to the intensely loved, long-term partner were found in: i areas of the dopamine-rich reward and basal ganglia system, such as the ventral tegmental area VTA and dorsal striatum, consistent with results from early-stage romantic love studies; and ii several regions implicated in maternal attachment, such as the globus pallidus GPsubstantia nigra, Raphe nucleus, thalamus, insular cortex, anterior cingulate and posterior cingulate. Overall, results suggest that for some individuals the reward-value associated with a long-term partner may be sustained, similar to new love, but also involves brain systems implicated in attachment and pair-bonding. One question that has puzzled theorists, therapists and laypeople is whether intense romantic love can last. Some theories suggest that love inevitably declines over time in marriage or after the child-rearing years Sternberg, ; Buss,

Parkes , Joe served as a bellwether of unselfish commitment, patience, fortitude, after that honesty to all who knew him. That family tragedy instilled in sixteen-year-old Joe a dream to create his own building business to pass arrange to his children. Joe matriculated en route for Vanderbilt University, graduating with a Free of Engineering degree in Ahead graduation, Joe married Patsy and went to work for the Tennessee Affirm Highway Department, designing bridges across Average Tennessee, including several along I Industries, Inc. It started small, but grew over the years as he patiently taught his three sons, trusting them to contribute to its growth along with their individual talents.

This book is the story of Emmy and Oliver. She works for herself as a therapist specializing in conjugal counseling. Emmy has become disillusioned along with marriage and long term relationships afterwards seeing all of the couples she has counseled and just how ago it get. But she does allow her three best friends - Amelia, Kate and Hattie. But each of them has gotten themselves hitched before slid into a solid relationship accordingly she is the only one allay single.

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