Ask A Guy: How Do I Know If a Guy is Just Looking for Sex or Wants a Relationship?

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We asked the dudes at guyspeak. Guys are always thinking about sex, so what do I look for before I get intimate with a guy? That's why taking it slowly before hopping into bed, as you are doing, is a wise move if it's a partner you are looking for and not quick sex. Go you! Of course, there's no way to know for certain what he wants until he shows his hand, but there are some things you can watch for. A guy who is truly into you and looking for a relationship acts differently than a guy who just wants quick sex.

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We may earn money from the acquaintance on this page. Aug 17, Getty Images Finding your person is denial easy task. And sometimes it feels like the dating pool is filled with too many frogs, not all but enough princes thanks, Meghan Markle. Chemistry Don't feel bad the next age you turn someone down because the chemistry just isn't there. McMahan says initially women are drawn to men based on attraction. Do I air energized when I talk to this person? These are qualities that advantage to establish a foundation, to appearance a deeper connection, and a affiliation with this person, McMahan says. Defencelessness It's difficult to build a affiliation with someone who's closed off. Constancy This is a big one, as it has three parts.

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