Money and marriage: 6 tips for a financially happy marriage

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Money and marriage: 6 tips for a financially happy marriage Share: Text size: aA aA aA When you and your spouse married, you agreed to share a financial future. Here's how keeping an open dialogue can help you save, invest and plan together. It's an important issue for most married couples. Although successfully managing finances in marriage is essential to your happiness together, talking about money may not come naturally. No worries, though. If you haven't gotten around to discussing the role money plays in your life together, it's not too late to start.

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ThinkStock Photos As a rule, never authorize any blank or official document presented by your husband or in-laws devoid of reading it. Despite a rise all the rage the number of women in employee, financial freedom is not easily realised by most, especially after they acquire married. Women typically lose control of their finances after marriage, either as they leave their jobs, or amalgamate their wealth, or just leave the financial management to their husbands. This can be either a joint assessment, or as in most cases, anticipate to family pressure, or after childbirth. Letting go of financial control results in a skewed relationship, where the woman is often left at the mercy of her husband, or inferior, to fend for herself if the marriage breaks down. Even if the relationship breaks down, make sure you are not left high and abstemious, seeking support from your husband, parents or friends. Take the following precautions to be financially secure after tying the knot. Also ensure that you keep all your assets from ahead of marriage separate and do not encash your investments as soon as you get married. In case of a split, you will have your accept financial backing instead of starting again.

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