The power of celibacy: ‘Giving up sex was a massive relief’

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Catherine Gray, who gave up sex for a year. Photograph: David Yeo Tue 28 Jan Some have never had much interest in sex, while others are taking a break to address personal problems, recover from bad dating experiences or change the way they approach relationships. I reached rock-bottom after being disproportionately crushed by the failure of a six-month relationship, so I decided to give up sex and dating for an entire year. I dressed differently and no longer cared about attracting men. I started to see myself as a person — rather than a girlfriend or a sexual plaything.

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After all I got sick of being after on rent and always running absent of money for food, and deposit my foot down. I made a budget of all his personal cost, and finally I had to accomplish him choose between taxis to act and lunch at restaurants, which felt bizarre and incredibly uncomfortable for me. So my question is, who was the financial bully in this circumstance, me or him? Does that accomplish you a bully? I was appraisal the checkbook every month.

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