The teenage gypsy bride carving a feminist future

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Updated September 26, On a snowy moonlit night in Transylvania, I found myself at a Roma gypsy wedding. My shock at the bride's age — just 14 — soon gave way to awe and admiration. Picture a community hall with fluorescent lights, a heaving mass of men in black hats, and women in traditional Roma dress dancing furiously to the sound of frantic violins and accordions. After an unexpected detour on a trip through Romania's northern province of Transylvania, I'd found myself at a wedding ceremony normally closed to outsiders. But the man who'd invited me, an American writer named Chuck Todaro who has spent years chronicling the Roma people, told me it was more complicated than a girl marrying against her will. Then as I got to know their point of view and what it's about and why they do it … I no longer have an opinion, he said. After speeches and a mock fight between the families, the wedding ceremony was strikingly simple.

Amusing Girl is a musical that opened on Broadway in The semi- biographical plot is based on the animation and career of Broadway star, big screen actress and comedian Fanny Brice featuring her stormy relationship with entrepreneur after that gambler Nick Arnstein. Its original award was My Man. The musical was produced by Ray Starkwho was Brice's son-in-law via his marriage to her daughter Frances, and starred Barbra Streisand. The production was nominated for eight Tony Awards but, facing tough antagonism from Hello, Dolly! Ziegfeld Follies best Fanny Brice, awaiting the return of her husband, Nicky Arnstein, from confinement, reflects on their life together, after that their story is told as a flashback. Fanny is a stage-struck adolescent who gets her first job all the rage vaudeville. Her mother and her acquaintance Mrs.

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