What It’s Like to Visit ‘Dr. M’ New York’s Erotic Masseur for Women

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I like searching out intriguing stories and following the rabbit hole of discovery. I am also a woman with a strong sex drive, and I had always had a particular fantasy about a massage turning into something more. A few years ago, I stumbled upon an article about a man in New York City who offered highly intimate massages, resulting in dozens of satisfied women. The quotes he listed from women seemed real. The process appeared to be selective.

It was her seventh session with James Deiter, a massage therapist whom the spa had enthusiastically recommended. By at once, Ingram trusted Deiter, and she blocked her eyes and relaxed as he worked her muscles. He groped her breasts. He put his fingers all the rage and out of her vagina.

Although there are indeed women seeking absent this type of service from manly masseurs, and their rules of appointment might surprise you. It was his first day on the job by a posh resort in Palm Coast, Florida, and he was anxious, having only recently graduated from massage discipline. Then it happened. The 5'10, blond-haired, blue-eyed model grabbed his hand after that placed it on the side of her breast.

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