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She took some Benadryl and called her mom. When her condition had not improved the next morning, she went to a hospital in Queens. After Linda Alfaro arrived at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, her daughter was unconscious, intubated and hooked up to machines en route for help her breathe. When doctors poked her, she did not respond, her mother said. She told her descendant to think about her eyes, her nose, her hands, her feet. I had to show them I was going to be fine The dreadful condition, which can be caused as a result of stroke or an overdose of drug, has no cure, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders after that Stroke. Czeisler, now an assistant professor at the NYU School of Drug , said a major danger along with the condition is that it be able to go completely undiagnosed. Imagine how angst provoking that is.

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