Schoolgirls for sale: why Tokyo struggles to stop the 'JK business'

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Sat 15 Jun Some are tourists, here to gawp and take selfies, but others are customers. Adverts designed for clubs flash and sing and girls dressed as maids hold signs contribution deals for local bars. In a grubby shopfront a perky cartoon featuring a cute Mr Men-style creature offers part-time work. You can also compensate to spend time with a child. Services might include a chat above a cup of tea, a amble in the park or perhaps a photograph — with some places contribution rather more intimate options. Or by least, you can for now — unless the people inside the brash pink bus have their way. Volunteers hope to use it to afford a safe space for school-age girls at risk of being lured addicted to the joshi kosei, or JK affair, as the schoolgirl-themed services are accepted.

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