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The book is written from his personal experiences and painful memories as commander of the United Nations UN forces in Rwanda. He sheds light on the various historic and political events that built up to the genocide, including the broken political process and the apathy of the world as events unfolded in Rwanda. The book tries to identify the many things that went wrong in Rwanda, at all levels, and the enormous cost that failure had for the victims of the genocide, as well as for others involved. It is not a comfortable or easy read, but an important one if we want to learn from the mistakes of the past and improve some of the shortcomings of the international system General Dallaire has so painfully and personally experienced. The core question raised is who should be held responsible for allowing the Rwanda genocide to have occurred? In the first place criminal liability lies with those that have carried out the genocide.

He did not want to relive the hellish nightmare of the Rwandan genocide, the most intense slaughter of being beings since the Second World Battle, and revive his feeling of absolute helplessness in the face of callous machete massacres. It is hard designed for anyone to contemplate, let alone depict in detail after witnessing up accurate, the systematic slaughter of , being beings in a mere hundred being with no one trying to ban it. Well, almost no one. Auspiciously, Dallaire made a supreme effort, after that to his credit he found the courage to write his story, as well as the small successes and the enormous failure of his mission. Like a good soldier, Dallaire followed his orders. Though frustrated, under-resourced and under-staffed, the Canadian general pushed as far at the same time as he could to make a alteration. And in this, he was absolutely successful.

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