What seemed like a horrific stalking case was a jealous lover's cover for murder

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Videos Season 1 Trailer: To the Lake Episodes Season 1 Release year: When a mysterious plague hits Moscow, a group of survivors flees to the wilderness, threatened by the sickness, looters — and their own bad blood. Episode 1 57m As a contagious illness, panic and looting ravage Moscow, a thrown-together band of families and neighbors forms a shaky alliance for survival. Episode 2 44m The group's frantic escape is disrupted by a costly mistake and human threats. Karma acts quickly after a betrayal, and a final destination is chosen. Episode 3 54m Sparks fly between Polina and Misha. A brutal attack puts a life at risk. Some shelter in the storm is shaken by a horrifying discovery next door. Episode 4 52m Strangers, both kind and cruel, change the journey's course, and romance blooms in unexpected places. An angry mob causes chaos and a tragic mistake.

A California Christmas Netflix He's a abound son of a real estate business person sent to complete a land agreement to buy a holdout farm. She's the headstrong owner of the dairy farm that refuses to sell. After he arrives, she mistakes him designed for a new farmhand — and things only escalate from there. Holiday all the rage the Wild Netflix After getting dumped by her husband, Kate takes their planned second honeymoon by herself — finding a newfound love for animation and a handsome pilot on her way. Her columns in a arsenal that is coincidentally called Smart Cleaning. In reality, it's all a cock-and-bull story, and she's a city-dweller who doesn't know how to cook. Things acquire dicey, then, when the head of the magazine announces that war brave man will spend the holidays on her farm for a story and constant more complicated when he turns absent to be played by the abundant Dennis Morgan.

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