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Banquet will be laid on, he explains, and there will be aftershow parties where he will rub shoulders along with music's biggest stars - but finest of all, says the year-old, he will hang out with other collective media influencers he admires. He got his invite because he has a minute ago over three million followers on the TikTok video sharing app more than twice as many as pop best Dua Lipa. His presence at the event will boost its profile, at the same time as well as his own. But a long time ago the party's over, it will be back to Earth with a accident. He will return to lectures by the University of Nottingham. When not working towards his degree, Jake makes fun, craft-based videos on TikTok, along with a sideline in pranking. For case, he once surprised his brother as a result of filling his duvet with popcorn.

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