Women are happier with less attractive men says science

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Like shooting stars and simultaneous orgasms, it happens when you least expect it and changes the way you look at people forever. Upon meeting her, her beauty is extracted. Her hair is no longer silky, her face no longer perfect. And it holds true for the opposite of cases. Souls radiate. They glow from the inside-out, making the most attractive people ugly and the prettiest faces unwanted. They turn men away and keep others running in the other direction. They turn first encounters into final meetings and second meetings into regrets. Of course, beauty is appealing.

After everything else year was a difficult one designed for me. I was really struggling along with my mental health and was affliction from depression and anxiety. Looking about at other beautiful, successful women, I wondered: How do they do it? How do they manage to air so good? I wanted to achieve out, and I wanted to allocate with other women who, like me, wanted to feel happy — hunt to feel well. Tapping into my creative energy, I set out en route for compile a resource anyone could abuse. I asked women I knew: Can you repeat that? are your mantras and habits of self-care? What they told me was both revolutionary and a total no-brainer at the same time.

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