Debates of Oct. 2nd 2020

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I am delighted to be reintroducing this important piece of legislation today. I know we in the House are all anxious to see the work that was started by the Hon. Rona Ambrose in with the introduction of Bill C come to fruition with the quick passage of this bill in this session of Parliament. Regrettably, Parliament's consideration of Bill C-5 was abruptly interrupted and the study of the justice committee halted by a health crisis that has created unprecedented challenges to all aspects of Canadian society, including our justice system. The pandemic has exposed and exploited underlying conditions that have long plagued our justice system. The reintroduction of the bill comes at a time when the need to protect our most vulnerable has never been clearer, nor the importance of ensuring a justice system that treats everyone fairly and with respect more critical. Bill C-3 is designed to enhance public confidence in our criminal justice system, and in particular the confidence of survivors of sexual assault.

At once a Canadian Indigenous Woman's Death Is Forcing a Reckoning on Racism Protesters gather during a demonstration in chief Montreal on October 3, , en route for demand action for the death of Joyce Echaquan, a Canadian indigenous female subjected to live-streamed racist slurs as a result of hospital staff before her death. Although she did not get the advantage she needed. Instead, hospital staff told Echaquan she was stupid, only able for sex, and that she would be better off dead. In the video, which has since gone viral, Echaquan says in her native dialect that she is worried doctors had given her too much morphine, which her family says she was affected by to. The hospital has begun an internal review into what happened. All the rage June, a dash cam video emerged showing police officers beating Allan Adam , chief of the Athabasca Chipewyan Nation, after stopping his vehicle designed for expired license plates. The incident sparked nationwide protests calling for reforms en route for policing, just as the death of George Floyd did in the U.

Brazil Executive Summary Brazil is a lawful, multiparty republic governed by a democratically elected government. In voters chose the president, the vice president, and the bicameral national legislature in elections so as to international observers reported were free after that fair. There are two distinct units within the state police forces: the civil police, which performs an analytical role, and the military police, electric with maintaining law and order all the rage the states and the Federal Area. Despite the name, military police forces do not report to the Bureau of Defense. The armed forces additionally have some domestic security responsibilities after that report to the Ministry of Defense. Civilian authorities at times did not maintain effective control over security forces. Members of the security forces dedicated numerous abuses. Section 1. Respect designed for the Integrity of the Person, As well as Freedom from: a.

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