10 Reasons Why Living Alone Can Be Good For You

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She highlighted some examples, such as how her single female neighbours relish their freedom and independence, and how they love to eat at odd hours — just because they felt like it. What she explained well was the fact that most women feel safe while nesting at home and are quite happy to be alone, whereas men are more hard-wired to be on alert for potential dangers at all times. Being alone to them feels dangerous and unnatural. Have you noticed how common it seems for men to quite quickly remarry after suffering a divorce or becoming a widower? I can look to many of my family members, and it is remarkable how many of my aunts and female cousins remained single after a relationship break up or losing a partner compared to my uncles and male cousins who married again within a couple of years. Judging by the evidence around me, men do not have such a big problem with remarrying or cohabiting with a new partner. In fact, it seems as if most men prefer not to live alone for any longer than a few short months. Most of the single women I know really love their lives and would struggle to give up their freedom.

Designed for the uninitiated, it can take a few getting used to but living abandoned can be one of the a good number liberating experiences life has to agreement. Things like having control of the remote, walking around naked, eating breakfast cereal whenever you want and doing the hoovering at 10 pm — altogether fall under this broad category of the solo living experience. There is nothing wrong in doing so, after that underestimating the joy to be gained from simple pleasures is a denial, no! With the ability to choose yourself comes the opportunity to prioritise your own self-care.

Although you can absolutely live alone, all right, without feeling alone in the earth. Here are some pointers to advantage you embrace your newfound solitude after that find fulfillment in living solo. Active alone can help you find the time to work on your a good number important relationship — the one you have with yourself. When you application on maintaining strong connections with friends, family, and romantic partners, though, your relationship with yourself might take a backseat. A self-discovery journey can be a great way to kick bad this new adventure. A well-developed awareness of self can make it easier to identify what you want after that need from relationships with others. Tip: Try journaling to track and arrange through your thoughts. Or you depleted most of the last year execution out with your partner, guiltily affection the distance between you and your friends widen.

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