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I was seeing a massage therapist for three years and we became very close friends. I referred my friends to him and helped him grow his business. He eventually disclosed to me that he had developed feelings for me. I went into instant shock and said that I had no idea and I thought we were only growing in our friendship. He told me that he had to tell me and wanted to leave it up to me if I felt comfortable continuing to see him. I was really numb from my shock and thought I was okay at first, only later realizing how upset and violated I felt.

Arrange a playing field where massage analysis has moved up in rank at the same time as reputable business, openly gay men are standing front and center in the competitive world. Board-certified, licensed, registered, it makes no difference. They all aim business, and their satisfied clients are extolling the benefits loud and absolve. Sound intriguing? Keep reading. Straight men benefit from safe and rewarding massages under the healing care of gay men, and they never know it. Gay masseurs daily roam the earth of multi-cultural free enterprise where sexual orientation is about as important at the same time as eye-color. Likewise, just as many women want a rewarding and non-sexual knead experience in a safe environment, after that they want it from a be in charge of just like the straight guys.

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