The House on the Cliff

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Shelves: hardy-boys Ok this isn't a specific review of the books. There are quite a few hardy boys books and I read them over a period of several years but that was around years ago now. Some I remember clearly and I will be specific about those at the end of this part of the review. This section is really an overview of the series. Franklin w.

Art: Rudy Nappi Modification of art Notes: Considered as part of the creative series by most collectors. Now absent of print. Originally an oversized charge, this volume was reduced in amount to match the rest of the series in On Jan. They said that the publisher liked the idea and wanted to see a sample chapter.

Bounce down three paragraphs for the analysis s. At least I doubt so as to will be the case. There are two versions of this book: the original written in and a adjustment written in which modernized it after that made it a little more Computer. I have both and plan en route for do a comparison. The Hardy Boys Unofficial Home Page says some stories were completely rewritten right down en route for the plot, others merely shortened en route for fit a page length that the powers-that-be deemed proper publishing costs; bookish degradation always comes down to moneyand the rest fall somewhere between those two extremes. It also considers the prose quality of the revisions en route for be quite sub-par. I bitch a propos this discovery more extensively in the beginning of my Mystery of Berth Island review.

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