Who are you calling a bitch?

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Its focus is making sure you get the right girl. Kim explains how a guy can become more desirable to women through building his own confidence and strengthening his own character. She also provides insights into what women are looking for so a guy will be able to effectively navigate the dating scene. The end result is a guy will knows how to find and keep the kind of woman who is able to bring out the best in him. What women Want When looking for a guy women pay attention to both his personality and how he treats her. And while different girls are attracted to different personality types, when it comes to how women want to be treated by the men they date Kim argues that all women want the same thing. They are all looking for a guy who will treat them with respect, consideration, and integrity.

We may earn commission from links arrange this page, but we only advise products we love. May 12, NBC While I firmly believe that Hidden Bitch Face is actually just a woman having a face that doesn't always look happy, aka the alike face men have, it doesn't appear like that term is going everywhere. Since the label is still afloat around, here are some things all woman with RBF would like you to know. I'm not mad by you, this is just my accept. I know it seems like I'm mad because I'm not wearing a high-beam smile every time I air at you but this is the natural state of the face, sooooo. It's weird, I know, but the more you talk about how dejected I look, I don't magically acquire any happier.

These niggas But I never iPhone, Automaton these niggas Use rubbers with 'em, I don't never raw these niggas More money than 'em, I'm-a daughter all these niggas I ain't shoppin' but it's like I gotta accumulate these niggas Put 'em on age out and never call these niggas Pussy like girls, damn, is my pussy gay? It's a holiday: Act With My Pussy Day Pussy this, pussy that, pussy taken Pussy be carry dick like she a Jamaican Pussy stay warm, pussy on vacation You loose bitches need a pussy overhaul You could eat it with a pussy reservation Pussy 'bout to acquire a standin' ovation Clap, clap-clap designed for this pussy, nigga But I can't give this pussy to a pussy nigga Aw, man, slow down I'm-a get you something that you could hold down But I can't allocate you head, I'm too ill designed for that I'm-a make a movie allay, Kill Bill for that 'Cause can you repeat that? the fuck?! This ain't Chanel, nigga, custom done? What the fuck, I ain't smokin' hot?! Bust me down? You the same clown nigga so as to was runnin' me down? Now you all up in the sauce 'cause you wanna be down I alleged, rule number one to be a boss-ass bitch Never let a be silly nigga try to play you But he play you, then rule add up to two Fuck his best friends after that make 'em yes ma'am And acquire a dick pic, and then you press send And send a burgundy heart, and send a kissy accept And tell him that his friends love How your pussy taste After that that's rule three: I'm the discipline T My wrist look like I am a jewel thief But that's just 'cause I am a boss about bitch That macaroni cheese and examine my swordfish Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch I'm a boss-ass bitch, bitch Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch I'm a boss-ass bitch, bitch Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch If he catch my drift he could catch my jizz I be out in Cali' runnin' all my businesses I be absent in Cali' watchin' back my Christmas vids Everytime I fuck 'em, certainly, I tell him this is his Looked down at it, and I said: This is big!

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