Uncharted territory: Legal experts weigh in on the COVID-19 pandemic

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Emergency Rental Assistance Program Issued: March 19, Cook County recently opened the COVID Recovery Emergency Rental Assistance Program, which is available to eligible suburban Cook County residents and pays as much as 12 months of missed rent and utilities payments and as many as three months of future rent payments, with payments made directly to landlords and utility companies. Applications are due April 2. Apply at www. The order also includes masking language that reinforces the need for anyone age two and older who can medically tolerate wearing masks to do so in public places. The order is effective immediately. Among other things, indoor dining and drinking at restaurants and bars is now permitted for parties of as many as 10 people. Meetings and social events are limited to the lesser of 50 people or 50 percent of room capacity.

Delight, Heidi J. As the second day of the Covid pandemic unfolds, the United States has entered a additional phase of heightened hope in the race to control the outbreak after that get ahead of evolving variants. The U. What is at stake is fundamentally a matter of national security: achieving herd immunity that truly after that rapidly restabilizes public health, economic animation, and society at large. In the race to achieving herd immunity designed for Covid, finding new ways to adopt the challenge of vaccine hesitancy has never been more important. It has been globalizing over many years after that accelerating in recent decades. Concerns a propos immunizations initially surfaced soon after the first smallpox vaccines were introduced all the rage the eighteenth century. Opponents either minimized the threat posed by smallpox before warned that the vaccines would affect other health problems. These issues resurfaced in the early-twentieth century and intensified as global immunization programs expanded.

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